Sprinkler Systems


7 Benefits of a Sprinkler System

With spring on the horizon, it won’t be too long until it is time to start watering the lawn. If you’ve ever watered your yard consistently before, you know what a chore it can become. This is where an irrigation system can really come in handy. If you don’t already have a sprinkler system, consider installing one before summer is in full swing. They offer a number of benefits to your lawn and yard.

  • Automatization – Probably the best benefit of a sprinkler system is the automatization of lawn care. It removes the need to worry about when and how much to water. Now if we could just automate mowing, too, we’d be set.
  • Efficient – Sprinkler and irrigation systems help you water consistently, evenly, and  each time you water. This allows for high efficiency due to the uniform water distribution.
  • Conservation – Having a sprinkler system helps conserve water, which enables you to set the system to water during overnight hours to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. They can also be easily adjusted during droughts or water conservation periods. When sprinkler systems are overused, they can waste water. You can easily avoid this risk by setting your sprinklers to water only a little at a time, twice a day, depending on your climate.
  • Customization – Irrigation systems also allow you to customize your watering strategy according to your specific lawn needs – its shape, size, and type. They come in a variety of types, including oscillating, revolving, stationary, traveling sprinklers, low flow, and micro irrigation 
  • Variety – Sprinklers don’t just water your lawn they also help water plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and hedges, getting the most out of the system and conserving more of your time. You can easily adjust your settings to make sure you are hitting your entire outdoor area. Frequent and light irrigation may even get a better response from your greenery.
  • Value – A sprinkler system can add value to your home by showing the care you take and offering your yard sustainability for years to come. If you ever go to resell your home, the sprinkler system will be a nice benefit.
  • Time – Sprinklers water lawns consistently and evenly, removing the pressure to do so manually so you have time to enjoy your yard.

Whether you plan to be in your home temporarily or for years to come, if you are committed to your lawn, a sprinkler system can be a great investment. An irrigation specialist is a good place to start, one conversation can help you determine if it’s right for your lawn. Our specialists can then install, operate, repair, and maintain your sprinkler system.

If you already have an irrigation system call us to see how we can update and turn your old system into a new smart system. With ultra-low flow heads, new sensors and advance timers that link up with local weather stations that will automatically shut your system off if watering is not needed.


  • My new system cut my watering bill in half. - Debra

  • When everybody else said I need a new sprinkler system, Daniel was able to repair AND update our 20 year old system into a new modern smart system. Saved me nearly $6,000. - Scott B.