Residential Maintenance

Keep Your Landscape Healthy and Beautiful the Easy Way

Enjoy the year round beauty of your yard, while our landscape maintenance professionals provide weekly landscape maintenance, fully customized to your property's needs. With Integrity Landscape, you'll receive individual attention, reliable and timely service, and comprehensive lawn care solutions – whether you are a homeowner, residential property manager, or an HOA.

A well maintained landscape shows that you take pride in your home, and are willing to do what it takes to keep it looking its best. Giving someone else the responsibility of caring for your lawn requires trust, because it only takes a short period of neglect for a yard to change from well-manicured to unruly. Our fully-customized landscape maintenance packages ensures that your landscape remains manicured as it grows and blossoms with the changing seasons.

Commercial Maintenance


Take Pride in Your Professional Image with Reliable and Consistent Property Maintenance Professionals

You take pride in your business, and care about the image you portray to the public. Maintaining the appearance of your commercial property is paramount to maintaining that image, and you want to ensure you're getting the most benefit from your maintenance budget. This is especially true when it comes to landscape maintenance, & snow removal, because you need to trust the people you hire to keep your property looking its best.

The landscape surrounding your commercial property is the first thing people notice, which means your image is directly related to the condition of your lawn, flower beds, flowers, shrubs, and trees in the summer and the quality of snow removal operations for your parking lots or roads in the winter.

Our comprehensive maintenance programs ensure that your property gets the regular attention is needs to stay healthy and look its best. A well-maintained property conveys pride in your enterprise – and it can mean more business for you. Let Integrity Landscape help you restore, enhance and preserve it.

We offer consistent, individualized care and attention, and comprehensive maintenance solutions for commercial clients, and HOA managed properties. Remain confident that your business is getting the care it needs, whether it be an airbnb, apartment complex, school, church, office building, hotel, strip mall, or HOA-managed properties.

Remain Confident in the Professional Appearance of Your Commercial Property

  • Ensure the professional year-round appearance of your landscaping with a Full Service Maintenance Program that includes mowing, pruning, bed care, fertilization, edging, and thorough cleanup
  • Address other landscape issues with our comprehensive line of add-on services like lawn renovation, aeration, thatching, seeding, and mulching
  • Keep your landscape healthier, stronger, and capable of handling the rigors of commercial traffic and use.
  • Rest assured that your landscape will always look its best - our reliable workforce is prompt, quick to address your concerns, and courteous with the public
  • Dedicated snow removal equipment and teams for your locations-
  • Pre planed snow removal operations, including aerial overview map, snow storage locations marked, plowing procedures detailed to the team and customer. 

Our portfolio of customers have included:

  • HRDC
  • Firestone
  • Family Dollar
  • Kmart
  • Gallatin Mental Health Hospital
  • Story Distributing
  • McKesson Pharmaceuticals
  • Children's Museum
  • Churches
  • Office Buildings
  • Strip Malls
  • Hotels
  • Common Areas Of HOA-Managed Properties
  • Private Roadways

Why Do So Many Commercial Clients Trust Integrity Landscape With Their Property Maintenance Year After Year?

  • Professional team- You'll get to know our professionals since most of our team has been with us for many years. They enjoy working for Integrity and for you!
  • Reliability- You can expect our promises to be kept and our appointments to be on time. We return phone calls promptly, and you always have the ear of the owner and manager. We value your time, because we understand what it takes to run a successful business.
  • Consistency- Maintaining the beauty of any landscape requires consistency. We boast employees who love what they do, and are proud to let it show. Not only will you recognize the workers servicing your property on a weekly basis - they will become familiar with your landscaping needs.
  • Professional workmanship- Your landscape will benefit from the quality workmanship of our professional workforce. From lawn mowing to cleanup, and everything in between, they have the knowledge and experience to handle any landscape job.
  • Communication- Not only do we communicate with our clients, we also convey information to one another. This ensures that your concerns quickly make their way to management, where they can be summarily addressed.
  • Professional equipment- We only use the best gear and keep everything in prime working condition. That means a faster and better quality job for you.
  • Cleanup- The job isn't done until leaves and grass clippings are collected. If a storm leaves behind a mess, we can quickly address it in order to maintain your professional image.