Snow & Ice Management

Ice Management


Each year, there are over 300,000 Emergency Room visits and over 12,000 fatalities related to slips and falls due to ice and snow. According to Zurich Insurance, the average general liability claim is $15,132 and the average worker’s compensation claim is $29,056.

90% of slip & falls occur when there is less than one inch of snow accumulation.

We use a USDA approved-environmentally friendly de-icing compound. It is less toxic than baking soda and contains no dangerous chemicals. It is non-toxic to plants, children, pets and your mother-in-law.(Sorry).



Most cities across the United States leave the responsibility of sidewalk snow removal to homeowners, landlords, and businesses. The results are haphazard at best, and don’t account for vacant properties and residents who don’t have the physical ability to shovel or the means to pay someone to do it for them.

Keeping sidewalks clear can save businesses money. Fewer accidents mean lower insurance rates.

With our new fleet of Ventracs we are able to make sure your sidewalks are cleared fast and frequently.

Our sidewalk crews start by making sure high pedestrian ares are cleared first, entryways into business, then city sidewalks. As our crew plows they also apply a deicing compound with each pass. Keeping your sidewalks clear all winter.



Using teams of workers, Integrity Landscape will quickly clean and salt entryways, walkways, city sidewalks as well as service areas behind buildings-Employees are a intricate part of your business who also deserve a safe & clear path into work. 

When it comes to plowing your lot we don't take the same basic approach as every other company by just using plow trucks. 

We use specific-dedicated equipment tailored to your property's needs. This allows us to operate more efficiently keeping your lot cleaner and Ice free

Watch the video below for some of the specialized equipment we use.



No matter how large or small your driveway is, we can handle it. With dedicated trucks for residential customers, there is no having to compete with commercial accounts to get your driveway plowed.

Our crews take care of not juts your driveway but your sidewalks as well. 

Our crews get out each time they plow and shovel in-front of your garage. If you are paying for your driveway to get plowed then it should plowed 100% 

We take before and after pictures of each plow, with start/stop times, GPS tags for proof of service, text notifications for visits(optional) and automated billing and a customer portal means you never have to worry about getting your driveway plowed. 

Ice Dams


Ice dams can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your house. They can loosen shingles, and cause water to back up and pour into your house, causing peeling paint, warped floors, sagging ceilings & ideal breeding site for mold and mildew to grow and flourish.

The best way to avoid damage caused by ice dams is to have them removed. Chipping away with a hammer, chisel, or metal shovel is dangerous for you bad for your roofing. 

Many companies will try to use a hot water pressure washer causing further roof damage & flooding inside of your house.

Our guys are professionally trained and certified to remove the ice dams using LOW pressure steam. The only safe process protecting your roof and home.



For our commercial customers we perform an extensive audit & prepare a report showing all damage found on site before we plow once.

After the snow melt in spring we perform an additional adult of your property, if any new damage is found we repair it. 

With detailed reports, maps and planing we will go over with you how we will plow your lot and where we will stack the snow. 

Detailed procedures in the event of property damage.

Heated gear and equipment allows our crews to continue work well into the below 0 degree temperatures and long after other companies have shut down for the day.


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